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You are responsible for withdrawing from each course if you do not plan to attend. Wards of the court or whose parents are deceased; 5.

Spring 2018: Deadline extended to January 8, 2018 due to inclement weather. Claiming legal dependents, other than a spouse, as defined by the Internal Revenue Service.

You will need to make payments as described in items 1-3 above.

Your residency status determines the amount of your tuition and fees.

Tuition and fee payments have due dates based upon when your first register for the semester.

Students with unpaid bills beyond the due date are subject to cancellation by the College.

The Payment Option Plan is not available for any summer courses.

The balance must be paid in full by the due date to avoid cancellation of your entire schedule.

If your account is overdue, you will be prohibited from registering and transcripts will not be released. In computing refunds for withdrawals, the date of withdrawal is the date the Office of the Registrar receives your completed Add/Drop Change Form or the date that your add/drop is reflected in the web registration system.

To pay your bill you must do one of the following: 1.

Summer 2018: May 3, 2018 Fall 2018: August 2, 2018 All tuition and fees must be paid on or before the date shown on your class schedule/invoice. Students maintaining a permanent domicile in Middlesex County for a period of at least 30 days immediately prior to the first day of classes are defined as Middlesex County residents.

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