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However, their choices were reduced by others to nothing more than what they wear.

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And yet still, certain parts of the media and political world were outraged: how dare the suggestion even be made that Muslim women experience hatred as a result of what they wear?

This denial of reality is itself a form of oppression.

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She was Afghanistan’s first female police officer, a powerful symbol of what women can achieve in the face of brutal gender oppression. When Kakar’s photographer saw the campaign this year she contacted Britain first to say this was not her legacy, if anything Kakar was a symbol of empowerment, and wearing the burka was something she chose to do.

Kakar had said: "I am not forced to wear the chaudari [burqa], my husband or the police force does not require it.

When Nahid Almanea, a Saudi student who wore the hijab and who had come to the UK to study was stabbed to death in a park in Colchester, police reported that one possible motive may have been anti-Muslim hatred.

As one lead the police were pursuing this seemed entirely reasonable.

The report author said this was likely to be because of "growing Islamophobia and hostility" towards Muslims, meaning employers are discouraged from hiring them.

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