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The mechanical head flies better because it is more streamlined, but has less penetration as it uses some of the kinetic energy in the arrow to deploy its blades.Points attached with caps are simply slid snugly over the end of the shaft, or may be held on with hot glue.

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There are two main types of broadheads used by hunters: The fixed-blade and the mechanical types.

While the fixed-blade broadhead keeps its blades rigid and unmovable on the broadhead at all times, the mechanical broadhead deploys its blades upon contact with the target, its blades swinging out to wound the target.

A traditional premium material is Port Orford Cedar.

The stiffness of the shaft is known as its spine, referring to how little the shaft bends when compressed.

The Mg-Al-Si-fiber enhances the flexibility of the arrow. Traditional arrow shafts are made from strong, lightweight wood, bamboo or reeds, while modern shafts may be made from aluminium, carbon fibre reinforced plastic, or a combination of materials.

Such shafts are typically made from an aluminium core wrapped with a carbon fibre outer.The oldest bow so far recovered is about 8,000 years old, found in the Holmegård swamp in Denmark.Archery seems to have arrived in the Americas with the Arctic small tool tradition, about 4,500 years ago.Hence, an arrow which bends less is said to have more spine.In order to strike consistently, a group of arrows must be similarly spined."Center-shot" bows, in which the arrow passes through the central vertical axis of the bow riser, may obtain consistent results from arrows with a wide range of spines.

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