Can we still be friends after dating

What you need to do here is rather simple: don’t allow your ex to use you as a backup plan. If that’s not what YOU want, then I have to walk away.

used correctly, these methods can quickly have your ex flying back into your arms.

Friendships with former partners usually work when both parties accept the romantic and sexual relationship is no longer right for one or both of you.

In which case - even if you wouldn’t consider yourselves friends as such - you probably still want to maintain an amicable relationship.

Ask your ex to tell you what ‘friendship’ means to them.

It will cause him/her to scramble, and it will definitely make him/her re-examine his/her decision to break things off. In some situations, you might already have agreed to stay friends after the break.

Maybe your ex calls you when he/she’s bored, sees you once in a while, and even hints at getting back together from time to time.

This isn’t what he/she wanted, which is why he/she told you /he she wanted to be friends after breaking up.

The idea of you walking away is NOT very appealing to your ex.

“Just because we break up, it doesn’t mean we can’t still be friends…” Is this where you’re at right now?

Did your ex offer you the olive branch of friendship, right after breaking things off with you? Like most guys and gals in this situation, you probably took your ex up on his/her offer to remain friends after the breakup.

It requires both of you to agree on what the future friendship will be like.

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