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Evil battles good and, in spite of a cliffhanger, good ultimately triumphs. Griffith's 1915 , extolling the Klan, is a prime example of that.The real message from such films and television is that the individual who initiates violence suffers violent consequences himself. But even while civil rights activists were being beaten, harassed or murdered in the '60s, Sidney Poitier came to dinner with his white fiancé to the questioning of her parents, portrayed by Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn.

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Dinesh D'Souza tried to blame the "cultural left" for the 9/11 attacks.

He argued that the Christian right and Islamic "traditionalists" should unite in common cause against social freedom.

The film is credited with changing attitudes in England, helping lead to the implementation of the Wolfendon Report, which decriminalized homosexuality.

Less successful, but still significant, was Max Fassbender's sympathetic portrayal of homosexuals in his 1919 film Islamic fundamentalists have long worried about the threat that Bollywood poses to their puritanical demands.

And, though he withdrew the confession almost immediately, he was convicted and so were his two friends -- one of whom was sentenced to death.

DNA evidence shows none of the convicted at the scene of the crime.

These morality tales reach a wider audience than all the Sunday sermons put together. ( showed Nichelle Nichols' Lieutenant Uhura sharing an interracial kiss with William Shatner's Captain Kirk.

Nichols says that Martin Luther King told her that her role was critically important because, "Once that door is opened by someone, no one else can close it again." While the religious right shrieks about the impact , where he plays Melville Farr, a British barrister who exposes a blackmailer who uses the criminality of homosexuality to shakedown gay men.

What counts alone is the innovator, the dissenter, the harbinger of things unheard, the man who rejects the traditional standards and aims at substituting new values and ideas for old ones." American culture is often blamed for many social ills.

French minister of the interior, Charles Pasqua, once said that violence in France was the result of an "American-style evolution of French society." One report I read said that Britons blamed American films and television for promoting violence.

Thank God for Liberal Hollywood Even though I'm a non-believer, I thank God for liberal Hollywood.

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