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Even within marriage, sex is something to do, not to discuss.Such collective unease with sex makes tackling the fallout — including violence, infection, exploitation, dysfunction, conjugal dissatisfaction and ignorance — all the more difficult.

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El Feki trained as an immunologist before becoming healthcare correspondent at The Economist, presenting shows on Al Jazeera English and later becoming vice chair of the UN’s Global Commission on HIV and the Law.

It is this scientific training that is key to understanding her wish for "people come to their own conclusions" about her work.

Sexuality is a mirror of the conditions that led to these uprisings, and it will be a measure of the progress of hard-won reforms in the years to come.

Across the Arab region, the only socially acknowledged context for sex is state-registered, family-approved, religiously sanctioned matrimony.

Impotence brought on by the stress of revolution, domestic violence, the anxiety to preserve virginity among the unmarried, female genital mutilation—all are scrutinised with the same uncompromising gaze.

Sex and the Citadel presents the factual and anecdotal case for better access to contraception in marriage, for women divorcing to be granted the same rights and respectability as men, and for single women to be allowed to live and work freely without state or family censure. Saudi Arabia is described as an unlikely lesbian haven, where the concept of a sexual relationship between two women is little understood by religious police patrolling shopping malls for evidence of vice.

“In the Arab world, sex is the opposite of sport,” one Egyptian gynecologist explained to me.

“Everyone talks about football, but hardly anyone plays it.

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” How I came to be demonstrating sex toys to a coffee morning of Cairo housewives is a long story.

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